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Data Entry Job Description :- Company Will Provide Online Training Help by Mail on Candidate's E-mail ID  Candidate's Working keyword and Location is mentioned in that Mail. You can start your work with that keyword and Location and for starting your Work  you can open any Internet Searching Site , Job Portals , Online Directory , yellow Pages for searching the data. You can entered keyword and Location there on the Site and search the company's Contact Details. When you search many company listings comes there ,Candidate can open each and every company Listings, You can copy data from there and Paste into Excel sheets. Give below all Details of company Listings. ie - Company Name , Company Address , City , State ,E-mail id , Website, Mobile Number , Phone Number. If Address Details is not given then there is website of that company also given , so you can click on that and go to Contact Us of that company , there you find all the Details , so just copy data from there and Paste into Excel Sheets as Format given by Company ( Format is Also Given On Companies Website ) 
From Where to Search Data : https://www.google.co.in/#q=software+developer+pvt+ltd+company+in+delhi+ncr

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How to collect data from Internet: Go to any Web site, local search engine, directory, yellow pages etc. and search required details.
1. Open any Web site
2. Enter the assigned keyword and location
for e.g, ( Keyword : Software Developer & Location Delhi NCR)
3. Click on search button
4. ( A list of companies will be displayed on the web page)
5. Find detail of the company from CONTACT DETAILS option.
6. Copy the required information about the company in your excel sheet.




Part Time Data Entry Jobs Regular Plan

Plan Details Plans 

( Rs. )

Earn Per 1000 Company List

How  To Apply Now Last Date
01  NBP1101 1101

Rs.500 / Rs.700

02  Student Plan Rs.1500 1500 Rs.600 / Rs.800

03  New Special Plan 1999 Rs.700 / Rs.900

04  Double Earning  2200 Rs.1000

05  Special Offer Plan 2500 Rs.1200

06  Happy Special 2800 2800 Rs.1400

07  Premium Excel Plan 3500 Rs.1500

08  Part Time India Plan 4999


09  Independence Special 5500 Rs.1800

10  New Offer Earning 7000 Rs.2000

11  Freedom Earning 10000 Rs.2400

12  Unlimited Earning 15000 Rs.2800

Nirmal : 09650637058
Jyoti Sharma : 09958832004

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